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Commenting, chatting, getting involved

This site is not just about talk. It's also about getting involved. Part of my hope is to get intelligent feedback on issues I've been researching for nine years now. My first leading article is about the government's secret plan to introduce multi-faith education in state schools. You could help make it happen!

Each week I'll have two or three leading articles on "Page 1" and I hope you will comment on these in the footer.

But I also hope you will join the discussion off-line. Here are six ways you can do it:

I'm usually available from 9am to 8pm, NZ time.
If you're chatting from another time zone, try our time-zone matching app.

Thanks for submitting!


I'd like to give you a prompt reply, and can generally do that between 9am and 8pm New Zealand time.

If you're chatting from another country, you might like to use the time-zone app in box 3, to work out the best times.




My phone number is: +64-27-325-1382.

As with chat messages, I'm usually available from 9am to 8pm, New Zealand time.

You too may like the time-zone app.

My email is



I've typed my Auckland time-zone into this app.

If you add your own time zone, the app will compare them.

The date is inserted automatically for the current day, but you'll need to change it if you want dates later than that

The hours are colour-coded for the time of day, including local holidays and weekends.

It calculates two days of results at a time, and the slider at the bottom of the screen lets you scan them looking for times that match.

Cool! I wish I'd had this app before



I'd especially appreciate contact information from people who'd be willing to contribute their knowledge of issues from time to time.

eg, if you have a child experiencing Christian karakia in school, I'd like to ask you about it. Maybe include it in an article,  if it was OK with you.

This kind of interest could be listed in the form below.

The fields with asterisks are compulsory.  We need them to identify you.

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The QR code and PayPal button connect you to two bank accounts, and there are various options you can choose:

# Is the donation for the Wesleyschair project?
# Would you like to send a message?
# if you include your email, you'll automatically get a receipt.

Thanks for all these kinds of participation:

David Hines
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