• David Hines

Welcome to Page 1 of Wesleys Chair - have your say on the religious and social issues of the week.

This site is still being constructed. I'm hoping to have it completed in a week, ie by 17 June 2021.

I'm David Hines, a Christian atheist in Auckland New Zealand. My favourite topics this week are:

  1. Christian lessons in New Zealand schools: A group of religious leaders wrote to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern saying they want her to make religious education a part of state primary schools. I favour the general idea, but this letter has flaws; they seem to want Christianity to be dominant in these lessons. And Ms Ardern doesn't want to say who these leaders are. I've complained to the Ombudsman, and am expecting a reply in about a week.

  2. A survey shows that most New Zealanders support religious education. I conducted a nationwide survey last year, but the media have not picked it up yet. I hope they will, now I have a new website for people to read the pros and cons.

  3. What do New Zealand Muslims want us to know about their religion? They are tired of people who link them with terrorism. A Muslim leader told me that New Zealand children should learn the stories that Muslims teach their own children. I've picked three of these for you to consider. Do they surprise you?

  4. Did you know that the Bible story of the birth of Jesus was influenced by Halley's comet? It was, and it shows the history of a dozen appearances of the comet that have sneaked into world history.


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