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Up till October 2020, the Secular Education Network's major project was a case against biased religious lessons in state schools due to be heard in the High Court in Auckland. To our horror that case had to be cancelled just a few weeks before the hearing.

To me, that means we are left carrying four babies: (a) Should we continue to take action against Bible in Schools in some other way, (b) Should we campaign against Christian prayers and songs in state school assemblies (c) Should we fight against Christian karakia, which is a growing issue (d) Should we support the government's plan to make neutral teaching about religion part of the state school curriculum?

I hope you can help. There are five things you could do:

Join our chat line:

I'm the one who will field your comments, and I'm available most days between 9am and 8pm New Zealand time.

Use the time-zone calculator if you need to

I've filled in my time-zone (Auckland, New Zealand.) Fill in yours. The app will then fill in a date which you can change if you wish.

Then, slide the bar at the bottom and it'll show you the two countries' matching times, over a period of up two days.

Phone me on +64-27-325-1382

I suggest you send a chat message first, to make sure I'm available.

Send an email message to davidhines@wesleyschair.net

Register your interest as members of this site

If you make comments at the foot of any of the articles, your email addresses will already be on our email address list, privately.

If you'd like to go a step further, and receive email updates, or are happy to be contacted, please confirm that by providing your contact details here, along with your location and interests. The name, email and city fields are compulsory (Otherwise it would not serve the purpose); the others are optional, and it's all confidential, and will not be used for unrelated purposes.

This kind of information was vital in our earlier campaign. About 80 people were on our supporters' list, but we spent about a month tracking down two witnesses, who hadn't left contact information. In one case we didn't even know what country they lived in.

Make a donation

Last but not least, I would appreciate your financial support. Along with other members of the Secular Education Network, I gave thousands of dollars to

the court case that never happened, and don't regret it.

But it is going to take another round, so I am looking for supporters to help share the load. It will go toward the costs of this website, and numerous public surveys.

The PayPal button or QR code above will send a donation to my WESLEYS CHAIR account for issues raised on this site, or to a DAVID L HINES account for any support outside that box. I am keeping them separate for tax purposes. I am still a member of the Secular Education Network, but am doing this work off my own bat, because the members are not unanimous over what their goals are at present.


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